Friday, September 25, 2009

Weigh in WEEK 1!

In just a little bit, I will go to the weight watchers meeting room and be weighed in for the first week. I am confident I have lost something, but I fear it will be less than a pound. However, I tell and retell myself that anything lost is a victory.

This week I was very good at staying IN TUNE with my mind and body, noticing when I was hungry, noticing when I just wanted to eat out of boredom, and discovering that if I wait too long for dinner, and then get real hungry, that is when I can become a bingeing monster.

I did good this week with "staying on the plan". I was tempted by all the goodies that are ALWAYS at my the candy bowl in our office managers office that ALWAYS has chocolate bars for the taking. I managed to stay away from all the yummy pastries brought in by drug reps, all the frozen yogurt in the freezer...all of it. I am proud that I could do that.

In a few hours, I will see how much closer I am to my goal weight. :)

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  1. Those darn drug reps are always bringing in some good chocolate, they kill me LOL